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Property rights infringement

If you suspect that this site provides content in infringement of your property rights, please notify us immediately by electronic mail (e-mail), so that we can take corrective measures as quickly as possible. Please note: The time-consuming involvement of a lawyer to forward an Abmahnung (german written warning) subject to charge to this service provider does not correspond to our real or presumed intention.

A. The owner of this website assumes no responsibility for the users' contributions in the forum and/or chat. However, within technical and personal capacities, the owner of this website attempts to enforce the following guidelines.

  • Whenever the owner is notified of content infringing rights on above mentioned forum, and the prevention of its use is technically feasible and reasonable for the owner of this web site (see § 5 Abs.2 of german Teledienstegesetz), the owner of this website and the forum operator will immediately remove the content and assist government authorities in the prosecution of criminal offenses within existing legislation.
  • The owner of this web site also points out that the freedom of expression chartered in Art.5 of the german constitution has its limits defined in the regulations of general laws. This is not censorship!

B. By using the forum/chat service, the user accepts to abide by the following code of behaviour.

  • Users are requested to provide useful and meaningful contributions to our forums, refraining from spamming and flaming.
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  • Any violation of this code will immediately be denounced to competent authorities by the owner of this website, particularly to the special departments for cybercrime of the police and the public prosecutor's office.
  • Users of the forum/chat in violation of the above code will be removed by the system administrator, along with all their contributions. Furthermore, they will be given a virtual house ban, forbidding continuation of access to this forum/chat, even under a different name or alias. If a banned user violates this directive, the owner of this website will claim related losses through the courts.
  • We reserve the right to denounce to the authorities any users trying to re-register after already being banned due to violation of the code or other established board rules.

C. The author assumes no liability for the contents of this service in terms of topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Any liability claims against the author caused by the use of the information or the use of incorrect or incomplete information are excluded, unless cause of verifiably deliberate fault or grossly negligence.

D. Any alteration of hardware in any form (overclocking, modification, replacement of heat sinks, opening of components, etc.) causes an immediate loss of warranty. Users carry out aformentioned changes - even if they are described on this site - at their own risk. We accept no liability for any damages.

E. If any of these rules conflict with applicable law, the other legally permissible rules remain unaffected by the conflict.


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