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Playstation VR up for preorder again (0)

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In March console gamers were able to pre-order for Sony's PlayStation VR, at least over here in Germany.The virtual reality headset is compatible only with the PS4 and costs 399 euro. Technically it... [more]

Nintendo NX could use modules (0)

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Optical discs are viewed as an outdated medium, at least in terms of PC gaming. More often than enough, PC games are usually distributed over online platforms, such as Steam. Consoles like the Sony... [more]

Mobile Phones

Huawei to attack Samsung, Apple with Daydream phone (1)

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Huawei has become one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers worldwide. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Richard Yu, head of Huawei's business for end users, had a few... [more]

First suppliers showing Lightning-to-audio adapters for Apple iPhone (0)

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For months there has been speculation that Apple will cast away the good, old 3.5 mm audio jack for the iPhone 7. The plot is now thickening, at Computex the first Lightning-to-audio jack adapters... [more]


CES 2015: Sony reinvents Walkman, but for a price (0)

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At this year's CES, Sony unveiled a new version of its classic Walkman. The Walkman NW-ZX2 is claimed to have particularly high audio quality. Of course, the new Walkman doesn't offer a slot for... [more]

Goodbye, iPod classic (0)

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One small, but sad sidenote following Apple's keynote yesterday: the iPod classic disappeared from both Apple's online store and online shop after the the new iPhones were presented. The era of the... [more]

Digital Cameras

iFixit takes apart 9,7" Apple iPad Pro (0)

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The screwdriver pros over at iFixit have taken Apple's 9,7" iPad Pro apart, and found it quite difficult to do so. Apple decided it'd be a great idea to glue in numerous components of the small iPad... [more]

Apple announces 9,7" iPad Pro (0)

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To no real surprise Apple introduced the new small iPad Pro as part of its spring events, which basically is the overdue update of the iPad Air 2. This is quite a logical and easy step for Apple,... [more]

Home Cinema

Philip planning more affordable UHD Blu-ray players (0)

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Next to the Samsung UBD-K8500 and the Panasonic DMP-UB900EGK the meanwhile third player for the quite young Ultra HD Blu-Ray format is set to appear. The Philips BDP7501 will appear next month in... [more]

Samsung, LG losing interest in 3D TVs (0)

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As Korean IT news site ETNews reports the world's two largest television manufacturers Samsung and LG are set to wave goodbye to 3D. LG will only offer 3D in its high-end, expensive models, while it... [more]


Apple planning Siri boombox (0)

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Initially ridiculed as a mere helper for online shopping, Amazon's Echo has encouraged various competitors to follow in its footsteps. In March Sonos declared it was developing a comparable speaker... [more]

Google develops Daydream VR platform (0)

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Google has been selling its Cardboard VR kit for a few days in the Google Store for 20 euro over here, and since two years the cardboard kit has been offering people around the globe a relatively... [more]