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Amazon gives Fire tablets easy reading function


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Marcel Haber

amazonOnline dealer Amazon has begun rolling out the latest update Fire OS 5.0.1 Bellini for its Fire, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets. AAmazon states it has fixed various bugs, and has improved stability. In addition, users will find a new feature, making it easier and less strenuous to read on their respective tablet. Amazon calls the new feature "Blue Shade". The feature is designed to reduce the amount of blue backlight, making it less tiring for the eyes to read before going to sleep. The warmer colors can be turned off and on again over the Blue Shade feature, and the brightness can also be reduced to a minimum in this mode.

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Children safety settings were also revised. Thanks to the update parents can use the Activity Center to both check the usage time of their children, as well as see what content they had a look at. Parents can have the data to transferred to their smartphones at any time, allowing parents to see what the little ones are up to should they not be around.

The update to OS 5.0.1 Fire is being distributed OTA (Over The Air). However, Amazon is unlocking the update in waves, so users might have to wait a couple of days for it to download.