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Surface outsells iPad in the USA


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Microsoft's Surface tablet has become quite a successful product, at the latest since its third generation. The hybrid devices are meanwhile popping up in areas Apple dominated for years with its iPad, be it a university, or Starbucks. According to the 1010data Ecom Insights Panel buyers in the USA have been moving away from the iPad towards a Surface.

Apple initially drove the tablet segment forwards with its iPad. Microsoft's approach, in turn, was ridiculed for quite a long while. A tablet with a keyboard cover was called into question as a notebook replacement? In fact, the first Surface models were plagued with various shortcomings. However, Microsoft didn't let itself be discouraged by initial problems and failures. With each new generation, the Surface simply got better and better. Apple has been forced to introduce the iPad Pro, a "Surface with Apple logo" introduced, showing the tablet concept from Redmond simply is on the mark.

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Sales figures show just how much the Surface is having an impact in the USA. In October, buyers for the first time ordered more Surface devices than Apple iPads from the 100 top online retailers. The surge is mainly due to the US launch of both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. What remains to be seen is if Microsoft's Surface products will continue to outsell Apple. In the long term, the Surface family can definitely be seen as the biggest threat to the iPad. While Apple tablets in recent months had a market share of 34 percent, the Microsoft products had a share of 19 percent.

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Another notable development is striking. Apple is famous for high-priced premium products. However, with the 2-in-1 approach, the Microsoft Surface on average is twice as expensive as Apple's iPads.

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