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iFixit takes apart 9,7" Apple iPad Pro


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Marcel Haber

ipad proThe screwdriver pros over at iFixit have taken Apple's 9,7" iPad Pro apart, and found it quite difficult to do so. Apple decided it'd be a great idea to glue in numerous components of the small iPad Pro, making them quite difficult to replace. Owing to the extensive use of adhesives iFixit decided the repairability of the wee iPad Pro was worth only 2 out of 10 possible points. Never has as much glue been used in any other iPad, claims iFixit. This means the smaller version achieved one point less than the bigger version with the 12,9" display.

Apart from the display, Apple also firmly glued in the antenna module and the speaker. Furthermore, The battery is also bonded with adhesive, just like Apple has done in previous generations. The difference, however, for the small iPad Pro is that Apple this time around thought it'd be a good idea to do away with the adhesive pull tabs allowing the battery to be easily removed, instead it is now night impossible.. Apart from that, the iFixiteers discovered the built-in battery is slightly larger than the one used in the iPad Air 2. While the battery in the iPad Air 2 still had a capacity of 27,62 Wh, the battery in the small iPad Pro has one of 27,91 Wh.

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The board design was also revamped. Here, Apple has made improvements and changed the arrangement of the components. Further discoveries are the 2 GB RAM are made by Samsung, while the mass storage NAND flash memory was procured from SK Hynix.

Despite all the glue, the small iPad Pro with its 2 out of 10 points didn't land on the last place in terms of repairability. Microsoft's Surface Book still is last, having scored an utterly dismal 1 of 10 possible points.