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Photo claims to show iPhone 7


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Marcel Haber

apple logoOne can be certain Apple will introduce a new iPhone again this year. Customers expect a new design for the iPhone 7, as the corporation from sunny California updates the case of its smartphones every two years. Two independent sources now claim to have revealed the design of the iPhone 7 will seemingly be the sames as iPhone 6 and 6s. Apple, it appears, will continue to use an aluminum unibody design with rounded edges. The antennas will be the only thang that seems to have changed. While the antennas rund around the back of the unibody, creating a bump, this will apparently not be the case for the iPhone 7. Recesses for the antenna can be seen at the top and bottom, and no longer directly embedded on the back.

One can not see if Apple abandoned the 3,5 mm audio jack for the iPhone 7, or if it will still be using it. There have been more and more rumors that Apple will throw out the standard audio jack for the iPhone 7 and instead offer audio over the Lightning port. This would allow the smartphone to be made even thinner. What is certain so far is that the iPhone 7 will use the upcoming A10 SoC and again have 3D touch on board. If the images actually are the real thing, Apple won't have the rumoured double camera on the back. At least for the standard iPhone 7 will use a camera with a lens. One will have to see if this will also be the case for the larger iPhone 7 Plus - perhaps Apple will install a better camera into the the larger smartphone.

The images might just as well be mock ups, and shouldn't be taken at face value.