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Sony scraps Xperia C, M series smartphones


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Alexander Witting

sonySony has already switched its Xperia Z series of high-end smartphones to Xperia X. Apart from its high end smartphones, Sony had its range of entry-level and mid-range phones, the Sony Xperia C and Xperia M. Asian sources now claim that Sony will scrap both its C and M series phones, and focus exclusively on the Xperia X brand. As such, it is unclear if Sony will complete abandon producing mid-range and entry-level devices, or only manufacture high-end smartphones. Sony itself hasn't commented the situation, while at the same time the latest report from Asia seems to be credible. Recent rumours claimed Sony had rebranded its future Xperia C6 Ultra as Xperia X Ultra.

sony xperia x kapitel 3

The slide that has been leaked to the internet talks of a third chapter for Sony's Xperia smartphones, beginning this year, covering a period until 2018. The only logo to be seen is the "X", standing for "Xperia X".

One can ask what chapter 3 will bring. A pure rebranding doesn't mean Sony will start gaining traction in the smartphone market once again. Presuming Sony will thin out its diverse range of smartphones, focusing on a handful of high-quality, high-end smartphones could indeed pay off. After all, the market for entry-level to mid-range devices is currently in turmoil, as more and more low cost manufacturers based in China are churning out a multitude of devices for those market segments.