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Samsung shows 5,5" display with 4K


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Marcel Haber

samsung 2013Samsung showed a 5,5" display at Display Week in San Francisco providing UHD resolution. With its 3840 x 2160 pixels it offered a rich pixel density of 806 ppi rich, making it especially suitabled for use in VR solutions, the manufacturer claimed.

An AMOLED panel was used the manufacturer, as Samsung has been doing for many years. Colour representation is very strong while power consumption is low. Samsung indicates that the display covers the sRGB colour space by up to 97 percent. The brightness is stated to be up to 350 cd/m². Furthermore, the display is based on the so-called Bio Blue technology. As such, the display emits significantly less blue light than regular AMOLED screens, meaning the eyes won't tire as quickly. Samsung states Bio Blue made it possible to lower the blue level from 32 to 6 percent.

Samsung Bio Blue Display

Samsung has yet to reveal when mass production of the new display will ramp up. The display shown at the tradefair is still a prototype. However, the rumour mill is already chirping the display could be used in the upcoming Galaxy Note 6. There already has been spectulation in the past claiming the Note 6 could feature a 4K display.