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First suppliers showing Lightning-to-audio adapters for Apple iPhone


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Marcel Haber

apple logoFor months there has been speculation that Apple will cast away the good, old 3.5 mm audio jack for the iPhone 7. The plot is now thickening, at Computex the first Lightning-to-audio jack adapters were to be seen, allowing future iPhone 7 users to connect their old headphones to the smarpthone. Various makers and suppliers of accessories had such if adapters on display, in various shapes and sizes ranging from very large to rather handy.

lightning klinke computex

Furthermore, a first pair of headphones with a Lightning connector have been spotted. These could be used without an adapter, as the headset is directly connected with an iPhone over Lightning. One does have to take note that all of these adapters and headsets are third party products not made by Apple, so one has to wait and see if Apple will indeed throw out the audio jack on the iPhone 7. Nevertheless, various manufacturers already seem prepared and are ready to offer matching accessories as soon as the iPhone 7 is launched, should they be required.