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Huawei to attack Samsung, Apple with Daydream phone


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Alexander Witting

HuaweiHuawei has become one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers worldwide. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Richard Yu, head of Huawei's business for end users, had a few things to say about the company's goals for the near future. Yu once again emphasised Huawei's high targets: within the next five years the Chinese manufacturer wants to overtake both Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market, in a bid to become the world's largest smartphone maker. Yu stated Huawei wants to grab a 25 percent slice of the market. Thanks to its aggressively priced products, Huawei has been making major inroads in saturated European markets. Huawei is offering numerous smartphones with a convincing set of features in the mid-range market, and more often enough the price and performance offered outshines its competitors. Its Honor brand is doing the same, and smartphones like the Huawei P9 with a Leica camera are strengthening the brand.

huawei p9

Huawei is on a good course: in the first quarter of 2016, the Chinese managed to grow its sales by 48 percent year over year. Apple, on the other hand, saw revenues spiral downward by 14 percent, while Samsung's sales remained flat. Huaweis market share is currently set at 8,3 percent, compared to Samsung's 23 percent and Apple's 15 percent shares. Yu claimed Huawei is experiencing a lot of growth in the high-end segment, and the company wants to place a focus here in the future. Huawei VR will here be instrumental, and compete with Samsung's Gear VR. In addition, the partnership with the German camera maker Leica will remain remain exclusive and continue for at least five years.

The Huawei manager also announced its first smartphone with support for Google Daydream to be launched later this year. Again, Huawei is very quick to announce sucha product, only the ZTE Axon 7 has been announced with support for Google's VR standard. Older, currently available smartphones will probably not be compatible with Daydream, as Google has already indicated. Huawei is also leaning towards 4K devices, in order to satifsy customer demands. It seems almost certain that future high-end devices from Huawei with VR support will offer a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

Huawei certainly is ambitious. In 2015, the manufacturer invested 9,2 billion US dollars in research and development, a lot more compared to Apple's R&D budget of "just" 8,1 billion US dollars. Samsung, however, has the highest R&D budget, with 12,5 billion US dollars. Nevertheless, it is clear that Huawei is taking its assault on the smartphone market very seriously. End users can rejoice, after all more competition is beneficial.