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Sony might abandon PlayStation 5 for incremental hardware updates


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Alexander Witting

sony playstation logoBased on the multitude of rumours, it appears to be quite certain that Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Sony is currently working on a PlayStation 4,5, or PlayStation 4K. Claimed specifications have been leaked and all of the evidence indicates that the revamped game console is likely to hit the market in 2016, or early 2017. Journos all around the world have been left scratching their noggins why Sony didn't just focus on bringing a PlayStation 5 faster to market. While the upcoming PS 4,5 will be backwards compatible, allowing Sony to continue serving its existing PS4 user base, the user base could nonetheless wind up feeling miffed it has a second-rate PS4 as soon as the new version hits the market. Developers have also criticised that the move will see Sony wave the benefits of a game console goodbye, namely a unified hardware platform, and developers will have to invest more to optimise their games for both the PS4 and PS4,5.

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Now Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studio's seems to have shed a spec of light on the entire matter, during a chat with Oddworld developer Lorne Lanning. Lanning, in turn, told Game Informer what Yoshida had said. In an interview with Game Informer, Lanning said Sony's Yoshida was questioning if a PlayStation 5 will indeed come out. Instead of a new hardware platform, Sony might instead opt for incremental hardware updates of its console platform, so it can be more agile and adapt faster. Apparently Sony is trying this now with a 4K console.

Sony may, of course, decide otherwise. One can certainly view an upcoming PlayStation 4K as a way for Sony to push its own 4K tellies and Blu-Rays down the consumer market. Of course, such a console would also offer more performace for VR games. Despite all of this, giving up a unified hardware platform for revamped hardware does sound like some sort of headache, as far as both consumers and developers are concerned. Based on the massive success of the PS4, it is indeed likely a PS5 will come to market.

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