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Nintendo NX to launch in March 2017


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Andreas Schilling

nintendoSo far, Nintendo has not provided any sort of official comment on the successor to the Wii U. On its US Twitter account, the N has now tweeted its Nintendo NX will launch in March 2017. Many fans will now have to be patient for the next eleven months.

In the announcement of its quarterly results one can find the following statement:

"For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March 2017 globally."

Currently, there is no reliable information whatsoever on the NX. Although there appeared to some leaks, most of them turned out to be fakes faster than later. Recently, AMD reported extremely bad numbers for the first quarter 2016, but it did provide a positive outlook for the coming quarters. Especially the semi-custom division will play an important role. AMD expects an increase in sales and profits thanks to several console designs, as both the Nintendo NX and the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo will be equipped with custom solutions made by AMD. While the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo is expected to launch later this year, AMD especially saw a a higher number of sales for 2017 - this would fit the launch of the Nintendo NX in March 2017.

Apparently the AMD solution for the Nintendo NX will use a GPU based on AMD's Polaris architecture. As for the CPU, there so far aren't any rumours. Furthermore, Vulkan is envisaged to be used as the graphics interface. As such, the GPU will be twice as fast as the current PlayStation 4, and about on the same level of the PlayStation 4 Neo. Otherwise, hardly any other rumours are circulating about the Nintendo NX. Once again, a controller similar to the Wii U will be used, to which the console can also stream content. However, in the case of the NX this should also be possible out of range of the console.

With the announcement by Nintendo name NX is strengthened, while earlier still by a project name was mentioned, and the console should possibly hot stream. more details are expected at E3 from 14 to 16 June and perhaps Nintendo will then express this in more detail for NX.

Takashi Mochizuki, a tech reporter for the Wall Street Journal, has some more information. On Twitter, Mochizuki stated Nintendo won't share any information on the NX at the upcoming E3. Instead, New Zelda will appear next year for both the NX and Wii U. In addition, he quoted Nintendo's CEO who stated the NX will not replace the Wii U. This is striking in view that Nintendo is referring to the NX as a platform.

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