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Nintendo NX not to be sold with a loss


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Alexander Witting

nintendoIn a Q&A session for investors Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima has confirmed that the Japanese manufacturer will sell its upcoming Nintendo NX games console without making a loss per console. Often enough manufacturers launched their game consoles for a price below the costs, subsidising the hardware to later on rake it in through sales of software, and licenses for developers. Microsoft and Sony, however, waved this business strategy goodbye when launching the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo, on the other hand, launched its Wii U console with a loss per unit. This hardly helped the Wii U, as the platform is merely a niche product that barely is supported by any major publisher.

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According to Kimishima, who refrained from stating any tech specs of the NX, the console will be priced to cover costs of hardware. Instead of selling cheap hardware, Nintendo is placing its bets on rolling out the NX with a lineup of must-have titles, which ought to get customers to buy the new system. Nintendo has timed the console to be launched together with a slew of new games. Furthermore, new games will be continuously released after the launch, to keep gamers happy.

As always, there are merely rumours surrounding the hardware of the Nintendo NX. Some sources foresee a sort of hybrid between a classical console and handheld device. Once again, the controller will offer a display, just like the the Wii U. It appears in the realm of the likely one will be able to grab hold of the controller, and stream a game to it while sitting in a café, for example. Other sources state the console will integrate virtual and augmented reality. A new AMD Polaris GPU is also rumoured, offering higher performance than a Sony PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. One can take higher performance for granted, after all the PS4 and Xbox One are nearly three years old. Nintendo is expected to launch its NX in March 2017 .

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