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Playstation VR up for preorder again


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Alexander Witting

sony playstation logoIn March console gamers were able to pre-order for Sony's PlayStation VR, at least over here in Germany.The virtual reality headset is compatible only with the PS4 and costs 399 euro. Technically it isn't on par with the high-end HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, as the price also reflects. Sony itself states it is targetting a far wider user group with its PlayStation VR. Despite all that, 399 euro is still not exactly budget-friendly, especially considering the PS4 currently costs less than the VR headset. PlayStation gamers, however, seem to have no concerns entirely. The PlayStation VR was quickly sold out from dealers such as Amazon.de, and Sony had to quickly pull the plug on pre-orders.

playstation vr dezember 2015


The situation has now thankfully changed again.Sony's PlayStation VR is again up for preorder from Amazon.de, for the regular 399 euro. In order to use the headset, PS4 owners are required to also own a PlayStation Camera. Even though Amazon.de is now offering the PlayStation VR, a delivery date is still absent without leave. Sony's VR headset will be launched October 2016. Buyers who pre-ordered their unit will get their's first, latecomers will have to be a bit patient. Only one unitper customer can be pre-ordered.

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