May 2016

Apple planning Siri boombox (0)

Initially ridiculed as a mere helper for online shopping, Amazon's Echo has encouraged various competitors to follow in its footsteps. In March Sonos declared it was developing a comparable speaker including a digital voice assistant, then Google presented Home and Assistant, its version of a...... [more]

Google develops Daydream VR platform (0)

Google has been selling its Cardboard VR kit for a few days in the Google Store for 20 euro over here, and since two years the cardboard kit has been offering people around the globe a relatively cheap peekaboo into the world of virtual reality. A lot has happened since then. Android N and the new...... [more]

Google Assistant, Google Home coming to your home (0)

Thanks to various technologies, such as filtering out background noise, digital voice assistants are always being improved. Google Now can already answer simple questions on current news, football results or the current weather conditions, and can show all Google photos  showing cats....... [more]

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