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HTC to host VR conference with AMD, Valve


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Alexander Witting

HTC ViveHTC has launched its Vive virtual reality headset to directly compete with the Oculus Rift. Combined with poten gaming PCs, both gadgets will make high-end VR a fact, compared to less costly and more mass market products such as the Samsung Gear VR, or Sony's PlayStation VR. In the VR arena, HTC is working closely with game developer Valve, the company also responsible for the digital distribution platform Steam. A report has now surfaced emphasising just how serious HTC is about virtual reality. Tomorrow, on 26 April, HTC is hosting a conference on the future strategy for its HTC Vive in the Chinese market, and the associated ecosystem. HTC's CEO Cher Wang will host the conference, and discuss the future of virtual reality and specifically the HTC Vive with developers and partners.

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Several leading figures in the field of virtual reality will be present at the event. Valve developer Chet Faliszek will hold a presentation, alongside Hubert Larenaudie, a senior vice president at Unity Technologies. The most prominent name on the speaker list is Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD. Virtual reality will be highly important for HTC, as the company is in a make or break situation. Slumping smartphone sales in the core business have led the company to jump aboard the gravy train virtual reality is supposed to be. Perhaps the presentations to be held tomorrow will reveal more of what is to come this year.