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Samsung developing VR headset


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Andreas Schilling

samsung 20132016 is the year of virtual reality. Based on current hardware, however, the market still is wearing pampers. The resolution of displays used in headsets has to increase, and thus also computational performance for rendering. Furthermore, most VR goggles come with a cable attached - apart from the very basic Cardboards and inexpensive smartphone VR goggles such as the Samsung Gear VR.

At the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, which opened its doors yesterday, VR is a major topic. Needless to say, Samsung wants to head down the VR path in the coming months and years. Injong Rhee, executive vice president and head of R&D, Software and Services of Samsung's mobile communications business, provided an outline.

In two to three years, Rhee claimed Samsung will bring the technology to a level which will not be far away from a real holodeck. While users will continue to carry a pair of VR glasses, they won't weigh as much anymore, and image quality and ways of interacting in virtual reality will be considerably. Samsungs VR goggles it is currenty tested in its labs will not only work wirelessly, but also primarily use dedicated hardware, meaning one can use them on the go instead of having to be wired up to a PC system, or a console.

The freedom to move with VR goggles will allow stronger interaction with the environment. While one will be able to move around freely, the surroundings will also become virtual reality - similar to Microsoft's HoloLens. Hardware controllers as used for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift will also become unnecessary. Instead, users will be able to interact and control using his hands, arms and the rest of his or her body.

Samsung expects complete freedom of movement to come about in the next coming years, yet didn't have anything specific to say. Samsung naturally isn't the only manufacturer in the field HTC, Oculus and many other manufacturers are also working on similar projects.