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Google Assistant, Google Home coming to your home


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Andreas Stegmüller

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Thanks to various technologies, such as filtering out background noise, digital voice assistants are always being improved. Google Now can already answer simple questions on current news, football results or the current weather conditions, and can show all Google photos  showing cats. Translations can also be performed in real time. Now Google has introduced an extension. The new Google voice assistant responds not only to conversations, but also makes use of further data, such as the current location. Users driving home in the car can order a pizza and have it delivered to their doorstep when they're home, with less of a hassle. If the road to the airport is clogged, Google updates the travel time, if a flight is late then the dinner date at the destination can be automatically delayed, and everyone else is notified by SMS. The language assistant is supposed to be able to understand the context in each unique conversation.

Alphabet wants to see its new Google Assistant move even nearer to the customer. Google Home is a small box reminding one the company's own OnHub router, but it is designed to compete with Amazon's Echo. The small unit has a small mic and speaker hooked up to the internet and home network over WiFi. Users can use Google's voice assistant from Google and ask all sorts of questions, as well as also control smart devices lying around at home. Google Home can set the lights in the living room, control the hifi, or set the room temperature in the bedroom, as uttered by a user. In addition, the unit can play back  music from popular streaming platforms, or show shows one wants to watch on the telly. One can buy a handful of Google Home units and set them up around the house, so one can also listed to Spotify over Google Home in the bathroom.

Google Home will hit the market later this year, price and launch date are as of yet unspecified. Developers will be receiving first preview units in the next few days  so they can implement their apps with Google Home, making it obvious Google Home will get third party support. Google Assistant can also be used on Android and iOS.