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Apple planning Siri boombox


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Alexander Witting

apple logoInitially ridiculed as a mere helper for online shopping, Amazon's Echo has encouraged various competitors to follow in its footsteps. In March Sonos declared it was developing a comparable speaker including a digital voice assistant, then Google presented Home and Assistant, its version of a digital voice assistant for the living room. Apple has now decided it'd be a good idea to do the same, at least according to The information, which is generally reliable.

The design, functions and features remain a mystery, but the site is certain it will offer basic features including voice-controlled music playback, creating reminders, calendar entries, and retrieving messages. For all this, a more advanced version of Siri will show itself responsible, so the Apple speaker at home could wind up replacing the iPhone here.

HomeKit compatible smart home components will also be able to be controlled using the as of yet unnamed box, and it is speculated that it can communicate with bots such as Facebook's M or Google's Assistant.

Wobei Siri helfen kann, wird noch von Apple festgelegt - ein SDK könnte das ändern
Apple defines where Siri can help - an SDK could change all that.

Despite all of this coming so late, Apple shouldn't be called a copy cat. The source reveals work on the unit began before Amazon presentated Echo in November 2014.

Free Siri

In the past, Apple has been beleaguered by users and third-party developers to open Siri up to more applications. Up until now, Apple has been keeping tabs on what program can be controlled how using the voice assistant. Now, a new SDK will be made available in a few weeks. The SDK is set to be released when the WWDC opens it doors in three weeks time.

The new SDK would make Apple a copy cat. Amazon initially launched its digital assistant allowing developers to use it, bringing Alexa to Android smartphones.