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Samsung bringing new Soundbar to CES


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Marcel Haber

samsung 2013Samsung will introduce its new HW-K950 soundbar at the Consumer Electronics Show. As a special feature the soundbar offers wireless Dolby Atmos support, making watching movies far more fun in terms of sound. This is achieved by two additional speakers directed upwards. Sound is reflected from the ceiling, for a special listening experience. Samsung claims the two upward speakers give the impression that the sound is coming from above.

The remaining set consists of a subwoofer, three forward-facing speakers and two surround speakers on the back, that emit sound both forwards and upwards. All speakers are connected wirelessly, meaning buyers won't have to hassle around with cables. However, the loudspeakers come with power supply units, meaning one won't be spared from shuffling around power cables.

Samsung HW K950 Soundbar

Samsung has yet to reveal when its Dolby Atmos HW-K950 soundbar will hit the market, and a price also wasn't announced.

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