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Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector a one-stop beamer


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Philipp Moosdorf

sonyA typical beamer is operated with the largest possible distance from the screen, and installing one is already difficult enough. Sony has now announced its Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector beamer, designed to be used intuitively and without having to consider room and distance. Belonging to the LifeSpace UX series, it naturally also looks good.,

The portable short-throw projector has to follow large footsteps. In 2014 Sony introduced the Ultra Short Throw Projector a 4K multimedia solution costing as much as a mid-sized sedan. Despite having a similar name, the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector thankfully only costs a fraction as much, and its technical specifications are also much more down to earth. The cube-shaped beamer measures 81 mm x 131 mm x 131 mm in size, and creates an image with 1,366 x 768 pixels. It achieves a diagonal between 22" and 80", and has a luminous flux of just 100 lumens. Content is sent to the projector either wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy, or by using an HDMI cable. A product video demonstrates how easily the Ultra Short Throw Projector can be used in everyday life. A matching design stand is available for using it at home with the wall.

The design aspect is most likely to blame for the price of 800 US dollars, especially in view of the Portable Ultra Short Throw's unspectacular technical data. Sony states its new beamer will be available in the USA this summer, the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer has yet to state when and if it will also be launched in the EU.


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