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Netflix increases prices in the USA


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Marcel Haber

netflixLast time around streaming provider and show producer Netflix managed to increase its subscribers to 75 million users, increasing its earnings. However, increasing its subscriber base doesn't appear to be enough for the company, Netflix has now declared it will increase prices, albeit only in the USA. HD streaming will soon cost 9,99 US dollars a month. So far, long term subscribers had to pay 7,99 US dollars a month, while new subscribers had to shell out 8,99 US dollars. If longtime customer aren't willing to pay 9,99 dollars, streams will be automatically downgraded to SD, meaning less bandwidth for Netflux. Netflix expects that longtime customers will continue to subscribe to HD despite the price increase, and only a few customers to jump off.

Over here in Germany, the price was already raised last August to 9,99 euro for HD streaming. It remains to be seen if prices will be increased in the EU. It currently appears as if prices in the USA were adjusted upwards to harmonize with EU prices. However, the weak euro might see Netflix once increase prices over here in old Europe.

Premium subscribers won't be affected by the move, and instead simply continue to pay 11.99 US dollars a month. This means UltraHD streaming and the use of four devices at the same time won't be affected.

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