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Netflix to do away with weekly episodes


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Marcel Haber

netflixSeries lovers are used to watching a new episode each week, and anxiously wait until the story is continued. Streaming service Netflix, however, has plans to do away with weekly broadcasts, changing the way episodes are shown. Ted Sarandos, responsible for content orientation at Netflix, stated weekly broadcasts don't make sense anymore. Customers want to make to put their own television program together and determine what to watcha, and when. Therefore there's no reason not to make an entire season available right at once. After all, scores of Netflix subscribers watch several episodes in one go. Netflix believes it would be counter-productive if series producers wouldn't react to this trend.

Furthermore, Netflix claims viewers don't really follow a series all too attentively if it is broadcast only an episode a week. If a series can be viewed immediately in its entirety, viewers can be won faster for the next series on offer, and . If a relay instead released completely immediately, one could win viewers faster for the next offer and this therefore strongly bind to services such as Netflix.

Netflix itself also produces its own series, and an entire season will be available immediately. Netflix is also significantly expanding productions in the coming years, and thus also wants to set itself from traditional cable stations with weekly broadcasts.

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