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Samsung, LG losing interest in 3D TVs


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Marcel Haber

samsung 2013As Korean IT news site ETNews reports the world's two largest television manufacturers Samsung and LG are set to wave goodbye to 3D. LG will only offer 3D in its high-end, expensive models, while it will be entirely eliminated in entry-level and mid-range TVs. This will drastically reduce the amount of 3D tellies available from LG.

At competitor Samsung, the situation is similar. Samsung seems to be even entirely waving goodbye to 3D, as the company hasn't ordered anymore 3D glasses from its suppliers. Such glasses are necessary to view 3D movies, yet it appears as if there isn't any demand for 3D.

samsung 3d Fernseher

Lack of content is apparently one reason. Only a few movies offer high-quality 3D images, while no films are broadcast in 3D on television. Furthermore, manufacturers will mainly focus on UHD and HDR in the future, ready to give customers even better picture quality. This trend can also be seen at big streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Both streaming serves will support 4K resolution and HDR.

It appears as if 3D will probably sooner or later disappear from private households. Instead, tellies will offer higher resolutions and a wider dynamic range. 3D movies are most likely to remain unaffected, but will most likely be limited to cinemas, and not be watched in the living room.


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