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Apple presents new iPod Touch and iPod Nano


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Jannik Christ

apple logoCalifornian-based group Apple recently presented in San Francisco the new iPhone 5. Following the presentation, more new gadgets were uncovered: an updated iPod Nano and a new generation of the iPod Touch.

Apple started their presentation with a demonstration of the Nano. The seventh generation of the iPod Nano shows significant differences over its predecessor in terms of design. It sports a 2.5-inch display that covers nearly the entire front. The front view includes a home button at the lower end, a design concept we already saw in the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Overall, the new iPod nano is very similar to a small iPhone. The audience was suprised to hear the casing thickness of a mere 5.4 millimeters. Compared to the the sixth-generation Nano, this is a whole 38 percent less. The dimensions: 76.5 x 39.6 x 5.4 millimeters.

iPod Nano (7th generation): Front View

Handling of the iPod nano is done through a customized version of iOS. The multipage homescreen designed doesn't feature the iPhone's famous square iOS icons, but instead uses special round icons, displaying six icons per page. Another new feature is the support for multi-touch and Bluetooth devices, such as headphones or car speakers. The older model's known fitness features such as "Nike +" are still on board. Play time on a single charge of battery should be around 30 hours. The 16 GB iPod Nano will be available from October in seven colors (pink, yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver and Gray) at a price of 169 Euro.

iPod Nano (7th Generation): Color Palette

Just like the Phone 5, the fifth generation iPod Touch will include a 4.0" Retina Display. The new iPod Touch has been slimmed down significantly: thickness of the fourth generation was 7.2 millimeters; the new model boasts only 6.0 millimeters. The other dimensions are still the same: 123.4 x 58.6 millimeters. With a weight of 88 grams, the new generation is also about 13 grams lighter than its predecessor. The new iPod Touch uses the A5 chip (already known from the iPhone 4S), doubling its computing power. The graphics performance should seven times higher compared to the fourth generation iPod. Despite the increased performance, the new model can achieve an impressive 40 hours of battery life.

iPod Touch (5th Generation): Front

On the back of the new iPod Touch, Apple has placed a 5.0 megapixel resolution camera that also allows video recording in Full HD. Furthermore, the fifth generation Apple gets image stabilization, an LED flash and the iPhone 5 integrated panorama feature. Another highlight of the iPod Touch can be found on its redesigned back. Instead of a shiny chrome look, we see now a matte finish, with a small silver ring in the bottom left corner. This is used to fix a "Loop" (hand strap) to the device.

iPod Touch (5th Generation): Back

Apple will of course equip the iPod Touch with the latest operating system iOS 6. At the same time, the manufacturer implemented the media the Siri voice control, introduced with the iPhone 4S, and has seen a significant increase in functionality. Another new feature is that the iPod Touch will continue to be available in seven colors (pink, yellow, blue, white, silver, black and gray). The iPod Touch can be pre-ordered from September 14 onwards, the actual sale will start in October. The least expensive model will be available at 209 EUR.

In addition to the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch, Apple has expanded the color palette of the iPod Shuffle. It's now available in pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and gray.