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Beats presents first wireless ear buds


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Andreas Schilling

beats-audioAfter the hustle and bustle around Apple's acquisition of, it is now again time to talk about the products of this headphones and music streaming provider. With the PowerBeats2 Wireless, the company today announced their first wireless ear buds. In comparison with the models with cable connection, this one still has the support structure above the ear. It is flexible, and can be bent over the ear in a way so that the speakers always find their way into the ear. The necessary freedom of movement during sports activities is provided by Bluetooth 4.0. They even feature sweat and water resistance compliant with IPX4 certification.

The battery running time amounts to six hours when fully charged. If you remember that battery is too low only just before training, a 15-minute charge will at least grant you a one hour of operation. An early warning of low battery condition is displayed by an LED. Though in essence this is a wireless headphone, there is still a cable connection between the two ear buds. The left one also provides the remote control. The length of this cable connection can be adapted in order for it to rest comfortably on the neck.

The PowerBeats2 Wireless will be released in the coming weeks and costs 199.95 U.S. dollars. They will be available in the colors black, white and red.