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May 2016

Microsoft sells feature phone business (0)

Microsoft took over Nokia's mobile phone division for 5,44 billion US dollars back in 2014, and it didn't only include smartphones, but  also ancient feature phones. Microsoft has now sold the feature phones business to a subsidiary of Foxconn, including the production plants located in...... [more]

NVIDIA sees revenues rise (0)

The PC industry is currently struggling with a market slump, and falling sales have led to layoffs in an effort to reduce costs. While the downturn has yet to come to an end, NVIDIA hasn't been affected in its first fiscal quarter of 2017. In fact, the company has managed to drive up...... [more]

HTC deep in the red (0)

HTC has been finding itself between a rock and a hard place for several years. The former leader of the smartphone pack has become merely one of many Android manufacturers. Competitors such as LG or Huawei have meanwhile left HTC far behind, while Samsung remains in pole position. Furthermore,...... [more]

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