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CES 2013: GPU-Performance - Tegra 4 slower than iPad's A6X


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Andreas Schilling

apple logoOn monday, NVIDIA introduced the Tegra 4 CPU, promising a performance improvement due to its Cortex-A15 CPU and the 72-core GeForce GPU. NVIDIA said that special attention will be paid to 3D performance. The first benchmarks have emerged in the net, but they were deleted again. They were entered by a user called "Buildbrain", the name of an automated test system for NVIDIA developers. Granted, the results represent using only a single software, and it's doubtful that NVIDIA had the opportunity to adapt the software or drivers to it, but the benchmark could show the general idea. In the benchmark Egypt HD, the Tegra 4 reached 32.6 FPS, while the iPad 4 comes up with 52 FPS. The Nexus 10 achieved 36 FPS.

According to german IT newssite Heise, NVIDIA didn't want to comment on the results. They indicate that the optimization of hardware and software hasn't been finished yet. They also point out that the GPU in the A6X of the iPad 4 in significantly larger, and consumes more power.

GLBenchmark with Tegra 4 (Picture: Heise.de)

But at least one technical detail could be elicited from NVIDIA: the 72 GPU cores of the Tegra 4 are made up of 48 pixel shaders and 24 vertex shaders. The relationship between pixel and vertex shaders, however, remains the same as in the Tegra 3. Larger caches, and an optimized render pipeline should contribute to further improvements in performance.