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Intel Xeon E3-1500 v5: Iris Pro increases transcoding performance


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Andreas Stegmüller

Intel Xeon logoAfter Computex 2016 finally opened its doors in Taipei, Intel announced its new range of Xeon E3-1500 v5 server CPUs during a press conference. The socketed BGA models based on Skylake ought to be available in the third quarter - OEMs are already get first preview kits as of today. The new server CPUs are mainly directed at data centers that require high-performance transcoding.

To this end, Intel has added its GT4e graphics unit to the CPU. Also known as Iris Pro, the graphics solution not only brings a full 72 Execution Units (EUs), but also 128MB of eDRAM. As such, the Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580 has 50 percent more processing units than all current Skylake-CPUs. On top of Iris Pro, Intel also integrated QuickSync support for real-time HEVC transcoding. According to Intel, the Xeon E3-1585L v5 should thus be able to transcode two 4K streams at 30 fps in real time, or up to 15 streams in Full HD. In the Performance Preset of Futuremark's 3DMark 11 benchmark, the new server CPU outperforms its predecessor by around 25 percent.

First, there will be five different models, all with four cores. Differences will be limited to clock rates and the TDP class. The fastest model is the Intel Xeon E3-1585 v5, which will be clocked at up to 3,5 GHz and have a TDP of 65 W. In contrast, the Intel Xeon E3-1565L v5 marks the entry-level. Clocked at more than 2m5 GHz, it is more economical with a TDP of 35 W. Intel has positioned the Xeon E3-1585L v5 in the middle, with 3,0 GHz and 45 W TDP. HyperThreading support is available for all three models.

Customers who wants to build long-lived systems can opt for the Xeon E3-1578L v5 and Xeon E3-1558L v5, two "reliability optimized" models with a guaranteed life cycle of at least ten years. Both models have four cores, HT support and compute with a clock rate of 2,0 and 1,9 GHz. Intel states a TDP of 45 W for euch CPU. While the faster model uses the Iris Pro P580 mentioned above, the smaller server CPU uses the Iris Pro P555.

To make a point, Intel's live stream of today's press conference in Taipei was transcoded on one of the new CPUs and streamed on the internet - and not just in 4K, but also in 360 degrees.