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Dell introduces a 30" UHD OLED display

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Andreas Kaspar

Dell 2013Dell has used CES to introduce its new flagship monitor, the UltraSharp UP3017QA. The Texans combine a diagonal size of 30 inches and OLED technology. The end result is quite an impressive piece of art, besides the large size for example, it also has excellent contrast, the only reason why 400,000:1 is specified, is because the instruments can’t currently read a higher contrast.

Furthermore, Dell says that 1.07 billion colors can be displayed, a 100 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space is also given. OLED typically provides the monitor with a flat reaction time, which is specified at 0.1 ms. Dell continues the impressive specifications with a UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, resulting in a sharp display. At a first glance, after today's press conference the UP3017QA offered pretty impressive image quality, we look forward to getting an extended amount of time with the monitor so we can dive deeper into it.

Not only is the new display technically impressive, from a design point of view it has a lot going for it. The UP3017QA carries not only a very narrow frame, the 30” model is combatively compact. Not only that, the housing is overall very flat. This has been made possible with the power supply being externally positioned. Outside of the power point, we’ve got a HDMI and Mini DisplayPort connector to round things off.

As for pricing, with a launch price of $4,999, it’s extremely far away from being an aggressively priced display. Alongside that, expect a jump in the power bill thanks to its high 240 W power consumption.

Dell is expected to announce more around OLED in the coming days as an Alienware laptop is expected. Keep an eye out for news on that!

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