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January 2016

Microsoft HoloLens available for developers (0)

Microsoft is moving in other directions than standard VR headsets with its future HoloLens. Instead of placing its bets on VR, the HoloLens uses augmented reality, making it more similar to the Google Glass. However, thE wearable set to appear at the right time and is positioned between headsets...... [more]

Playstation VR not on par with Oculus Rift, says Oculus foudner (0)

The price tag of 699 euro for the Oculus Rift was quite a sobering blow for many would-be VR enthusiasts. Palmer Luckey, the founder of VR manufacturer Oculus, even apologised for having stated a far lower price in the past. In a recent interview conducted at this year's Computer Entertainment Show...... [more]

Razer Stargaze: A new 3D webcam (0)

As part of this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, specialized gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has more to show than the just announced Razer Blade Stealth with its external graphics adapter, the Razer Core. Also being showed off is the company’s new streamer webcam with Intel’s Real Sense...... [more]

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