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Google informs about problems with Chrome Cast SDK


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Dennis Bode

google-2013In the U.S., Google's streaming client Chrome Cast has been available for some time. User's and developer's attention for further application areas has grown beyond those envisioned by the manufacturer.

Koushik Dutta was the main cause for a stir. Dutta attempt to stream locally stored data from a smartphone or tablet via Chrome cast onto television, a scenario that Google has not foreseen until now. After several trial versions, the developer and the user noticed a few days ago that the AllCast called application was no longer functional. The reason was found quickly, according to Dutta: Google had changed only a few, but quite decisive lines in the program code of the Chrome Cast SDK. His accusation was therefore that Google is blocking software like AllCast and would hinder independent developers in their work.

Google did not clearly state the planned application posibilities in advance. During the presentation, only playback of compliant applications such as YouTube or Netflix were discussed. Chrome browser data should be transferable, too. Google has commented the allegations of Dutta and defined clearly what Chrome Cast will be able to do. They had never intended to block programs like AllCast, this was a necessary adaptation of the SDK. It`s still in a development phase and they expect more changes. Basically, they always pointed out that it was intended for testing purposes only. Correspondingly, problems can not be excluded. There is no comment by Dutta as of yet, he didn`t respond to our questions on his Google+ profile.

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