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MacBook Pro might get second OLED display


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Marcel Haber

apple logoApple hasn't revamped its MacBook Pro series notebooks for several years. Instead, it has always made minor, incremental changes. The situation could change this year, as rumours are hinting towards significant changes to the notebooks. Both the 13" and 15" versions will be completely redesigned and receive a second display. The additional display will apparently be placed between the keyboard and the main display. Here, the Californian company will use an OLED display, allowing users to customise it, by for instance placing the function keys on it. As such, Apple would have to use a touch display. Furthermore, app developers will be available to use the second display to show additional information about the app currently being used.

Sources are also chirping the new and revised MacBook Pro will finally featured the long-speculated Touch ID sensor. Users would thus be able to unlock their MacBooks using the fingerprint scanner, instead of having to enter their password. In addition, Apple Pay will find itself implemented in the App Store, as well as in online stores.

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Whispers are the revamped MacBook Pro will be presented towards the end of the year. Apple would thus bring a new series to market just in time for the  upcoming holiday spending season. Apart from the new features, the upcoming new MacBook pro will once again be thinner and slimmer, thanks to the Butterfly keyboard of the MacBook and also the range of available CPUs will be state of the art. USB Type-C respectively Thunderbolt 3 will also be on board. One will have to wait and see if Apple will abandon other kinds of ports on a future MacBook. Apple might opt to use several USB Type-C jacks, as they can be used with a wide range of devices using an adapter and can thus be used universally.

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