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HP Omen a new high-end gamer desktop


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Andreas Stegmüller

hp omen desktopIn advance of Computex 2016 HP has announced new desktop systems for gamers, set to appear in summer as part of its Omen product range.HP not only focuses on high-performance gaming hardware, but also on a rich set of features and a high-quality case.

The case comes with a black front made from brushed aluminum, featuring a customisable LED lighting system. Not only the Omen logo is all lit up, but numerous LEDs on the sides and the middle light up when the PC is on in the desired colour: red, yellow, green or blue. Omen desktops are designed not only for gaming, but now also to support VR goggles like the HTC Vive And Oculus Rift. HP states it has tested all sorts of VR configurations to make sure the hardware has enough computing power for VR programs to run at at least 90 frames per second.

hp omen gaming prectex 32
HP Omen desktop

HP uses an overclocked Intel Skylake generation K-CPU and a high-end graphics card made by AMD, or NVIDIA. HP here mentions the recently introduced NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founder's Edition and the AMD Radeon R9 390X, amongst others. SLI or Crossfire configurations won't, however, be available. Thankfully, configurationswith up to three drives will be possible. Alongside snappy SSDs with up to 512 GB of memory buyers can also opt for HDDs with a capacity of up to 3 TB.

All this is mounted  on a micro-ATX motherboard offering enough room for a water cooler - but probably only for the CPU. The I/O panel has numerous USB 3.0 ports, even a Type-C port and an integrated card reader. Details on the different configurations will be announced shortly before it is launched to market, over here in goold old Germany prices start at 1,199 euro, and one can expect prices to be the same all over the EU.

Monitor and peripherals

HP will also launch a matching Omen display, a 32" monitor with a native resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a high reaction rate of 5 ms. It will not only allow viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, but on top of that support AMD's FreeSync technology. The monitor will be available in August.

Otherwise, the slides show a gaming mouse and a matching backpack for Omen notebooks.

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