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Liva Pro is Elitegroup's mini STX PC


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Andreas Stegmüller

elitegroupElitegroup has announced its new mini-STX PC. The new form factor has been recently adopted by Intel and is often called the 5x5 system (5x5"). Technically the standard is located between mini-ITX and NUC systems, with motherboard dimensions of 147 x 140 mm. For comparison: mini-ITX mobos measure 170 x 170 mm. Nevertheless, the mini-STX standard allows Skylake CPUs to be mounted, but one will have to do without a PCI Express x16 graphics card slot. Mini-STX systems have to make do with the CPU's built-in graphics solution.

The new Liva Pro system from ECS uses such a motherboard. Since the mini-STX standard is specced for CPUs with a maximum power loss of 65 W and ECS enables a conventional, but compact CPU cooler to be installed, nearly all current Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 Skylake CPUs can be used in socket LGA1151 - theoretically up to the Intel Core i7-6700. As not all CPU coolers can be used due to the slim size of the case, there will be limits to the TDP. An Intel Core i5-6500T including the Intel HD Graphics 530, however, should not cause any problems.

ecs liva pro k
The ECS Liva Pro has a motherboard in mini-STX case

Otherwise, the ECS Liva Pro accepts up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM in the SO-DIMM format, in just around 1,3 litres of space. On its connection panel mini-PC offers USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, and a WiFi and Bluetooth module. Even a Type-C port has managed to find itself onboard. A 2.5" HDD is installed.

Elitegroup will share more details when Computex kicks off in Taipei next week. Pricewise, one can guess it will roughly cost as much as the MSI Cubi 2 Plus listed in our price comparison from 400 euro. ASRock will also show its DeskMini barebone next week.

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