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May 2016

Toshiba X300 HDD with 8 TB (0)

Toshiba has announced its new X300 hard disk drive. The HDD will offer a capacity of 8 TB be cased in a 3,5" enclosure, with a height of 26 millimeters. The hard disk will operate at 7,200 revolutions per minute and transmit data over the SATA interface. Toshiba, however, didn't reveal accurate...... [more]

OCZ streamlines SSD range (0)

Toshiba acquired ailing OCZ back in 2014, and changed the entire SSD product range of the manufacturer while it was at it. Things remain in upheaval, as it now seems OCZ has streamlined its product range down to just two SSDs. OCZ is currently only listing the TR150 and VT180. Despite the new...... [more]

AMD adds S3 series to its SSD range (0)

AMD has so far been offering its R7 series of SSDs, now the chip company has added the new S3 series to its product range. The S3 Series is targeting the entry-level field, and as such has a very budget-friendly price tag. AMD uses TLC memory for the new S3 series, the company didn't disclose where...... [more]

May 2015

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