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6 TB Western Digital Red Pro now available


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Andreas Schilling

Two higher capacity HDDs have been added to wd-logo-2012Western Digitals Red series of hard disk drives, which were specially designed for use in NAS solutions. The new drives also rotate at a higher speed and are available with either 5 and 6 TB capacity. As the speed was increased from 5,400 to 7,200 revolutions per minute Western Digital has named the new models "Red Pro". They are also approved for use in NAS systems with up to 16 bays, while the previous non-Pro models were recommended for use in configuraitns of up to five drives. This is partly due to the drives amplifying their vibrations when they are operated close together. On the mechanical side of things, Western Digital is trying to achieve decoupling of the Red Pro series using what it calls "3D Active Balance Plus" technology. The read/ write heads are adapted to match  vibrations and repositioned using a certain method.

New are the models WD2001FFSX, WD3001FFSX and WD4001FFSX with 2, 3 and 4 TB capacity, they can be recognized by the abbreviation "FFSX". The recommended retail price is 149, 179 and 239 euro. In these models, Western Digital uses platters with platters with 800 GB each. In order to realize the larger 4 and 5 TB models WD50EFRX and WD60EFRX Western Digital here uses platters with 1.2 TB. The suggested retail price is significantly higher, namely 239 and 289 euro - capacity has not risen in line with the price. The larger platters are also used in the non-Pro models with a total capacity of 1 to 4 TB used.

In order for customers to make out the new edition of the Red and Red-Pro series, Western Digital will label the boxes and drives with NASWare 3.0 sticker. The new firmware allows  up to eight hard disk drives to be used in a NAS solution, instead of only five. This is also the case for the non-Pro models. Unfortunately, it apparently isn't possible to roll-out the firmware to existing models in this series. WD will soon start shipping the new drives.

Western Digital Red Pro WD4001FFSX
Western Digital Red Pro WD4001FFSX