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AMD is planning a new graphics card-naming scheme


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Andreas Stegmüller

amd-radeon-logo-2013In the past, from time to time, AMD came to the limits of his to date applicable naming scheme. When the successor of the Radeon 9800 should have been presented in 2006, AMD decided against the name "Radeon 10800" and instead introduced the Roman numeral "X" as a prefix in front of the remaining digits, which should make the distinction within the product family. Only a year later the Americans swung around to "Radeon HD". With the introduction of its coming "Volcanic Islands" GPUs, AMD will once again change the naming scheme.

According to this information AMD's Radeon HD 9000 series, as it was often called in the last days, will get a new name, which is very similar to the name of the current APUs. According to a report on vr-zone.com these name labels should be applied to desktop graphics cards too. This one is not quite sure because the way it looks currently, the U.S. American graphics card manufacturer has two different options. Being safe is, the "R" prefix, which could be a reference to the respective generation or to the power class either.

If the first digit after the new "R" prefix indicate the particular generation, then a Radeon HD 9970 will be a R9-9970 and a Radeon HD 9870 from a R9-9870th The latest generation, however, would listen to R7-7970 (Radeon HD 7970).

Obvious is, however, a reference to the naming scheme of current APU models. Here AMD is sorting its chips after the respective class, while the subsequent digits make the classification within this class. To cite a few examples: AMD A10-6800K is the current flagship of the "Richland" APUs, followed by a further high-end model A10-6700. The mid-range models are named A8, such as the A8-6600K and A8-6500. Looking on the graphics cards this means that the next flagship graphics card will come as R9-?970, followed by the R8-?870 on the market. The first number that we have provided here with a question mark, it is still open.

Specifically could look like this:

  • Radeon 9970 -> R9 Radeon-xxxx -> R9-(i)970 followed by R9-970 (i +1) 970
  • Radeon 9870 -> R8 Radeon-xxxx -> R8-(i)980 followed by R9-870 (i +1) 870

videocarz namensschema amd

In the coming days we should know more in this regard, however, first samples are already at the board partners .