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ASUS releases ROG MARS 760


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Andreas Schilling

asusAt Computex 2013, the first rumors spoke of a possible custom dual-GPU card based on two GeForce GTX 770 or 760. Well, there are increasing reports that as early as next week, ASUS will release the ROG MARS 760. As the name implies, the ROG MARS 760 uses two GPUs on one PCB, which we know from the GeForce GTX 760. No final clock speeds or other specifications have been made public, but on the basis of what NVIDIA put into the GeForce GTX 760, the ASUS ROG MARS could be equipped with two 760-GK104 GPUs, each with CUDA 1,152 cores, 96 texture units and 32 ROPs.

In terms of architecture, the ROG MARS 760 and the GeForce GTX 780 should be very similar, although the former would have 64 instead of 48 ROPs. In addition, the memory configuration with 2x 2048 MB instead of only 3072 MB would be somewhat more lush. Instead of a single 384-bit memory interface, such as in the GeForce GTX 780, the ASUS ROG MARS 760 features 2x 256 bits.

The positioning of such a card is difficult. Depending on the clock, it could be a bit faster than the GeForce GTX 780 but behind the GeForce GTX Titan and GeForce GTX 780 Ti. With the ROG MARS, ASUS would not have created with a new high-end flagship, but an alternative to the fastest single GPU cards. In addition to the clock speed, questions still open are power consumption and, most importantly, the price. The ASUS ROG MARS 760 is to be officially launched next week.

ASUS ROG MARS 760 compared to the competition
Model ASUS ROG MARS 760 AMD Radeon R9 290X NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti
Street Price - starting from 480 euros starting from 410 euros starting from 649 euros
Homepage - www.amd.de www.nvidia.com www.nvidia.com
GPU 2x GK104 (GK104-225-A2) Hawaii XT GK110 (GK110-300-A1) GK110 (GK110-425-B1)
Manufacturing Process 28 nm 28 nm 28 nm 28 nm
Transistors 2x 3.54 billion 6.2 billion 7.1 billion 7.1 billion
GPU clock speed (base clock) - - 864 MHz 876 MHz
GPU Clock (Clock Boost) - 1,000 MHz 902 MHz 928 MHz
Memory Clock - 1,250 MHz 1,502 MHz 1,750 MHz
Memory Size 2x 2048 MB 4.096 MB 3,072 MB 3.072 MB
Memory Interface 2x 256-bit 512 bit 384 bit 384 bit
Memory bandwidth - 320.0 GB / s 288.4 GB / s 336 GB / s
DirectX version 11.1 11.2 11.1 11.1
Shader units 2x 1152 2,816 2,304 2880
Texture units 2x 96 176 192 240
ROPs 2x 32 64 48 48
TDP - > 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts