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Computex 2015: AMD to launch 'Fiji' GPU, aka Radeon Fury X on 16 June


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Andreas Schilling

amd radeon 2013AMD once again spoke about its "Carrizo" APU at its press conference at Computex today. All tech specs of the APU, which was launched today, are already known. However, AMD said something about the launch of the next generation of Radeon cards. The new cards will be presented when the E3 game show in Los Angeles opens its doors on 16 June. AMD's plans are still completely open, and no one knows whether the cards will simply be on display, or presented in full detail.

Fiji-GPU with High Memory Bandwidth
Fiji-GPU mit High Memory Bandwith

Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, also seized the moment and showed the package consisting of GPU four HBM stacks for the first time. The entire card was naturally nowhere to be seen. Matt Skynner, responsible for AMD's Radeon products, also had something to say about "Fiji's" performance:"HBM enables us to build the fastest GPU in the world". AMD claims to have the world's fastest GPU, which shines a different light on yesterday's news regarding the performance of the GPU. Here, we would like to clarify the situation. Hardwareluxx has been accused of spreading misinformation. Our news yesterday was based on a source,  who for obvious reasons will never be named. Of course, we also have no interest in passing on incorrect information. However, the trustworthiness of our source outweighed our concerns, leading us to publish the what we had learned. Once again: any assessment of "Fiji's" performance can currently only be based on early versions of BIOS, drivers, and other components involved. Under no circumstances do they allow conclusions to be drawn concerning the  performance once the card hits the market.

Of course, claiming one has "the fastest GPU in the world" offers plenty of room for speculation, and AMD is putting a lot of pressure onto itself. Nothing final can be said on the performance of the GPU, and the cards. We will have to wait at least two weeks in order to at least get another look.

Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD with Fiji-GPU
AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su, with the Fiji-GPU

A new video today followed last week's render video, and was recorded during the press conference. The new video didn't give any further information. One can only see the Radeon logo, which is lit up letter by letter.