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Gigabyte joins the ranks with custom GeForce GTX 1080 card


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Andreas Stegmüller

gigabyteAlthough only the Founders Edition of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is currently available, many manufacturers have seized the moment to announce their custom models. Actually, we assumed that we would see the first custom cards from NVIDIA's board partners next week at Computex 2016 in Taipei. Following in the footsteps of MSI, ZOTAC and ASUS, Gigabyte has now also announced its GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming, its first custom model. Just like all the other non-reference cards it comes with its own cooling system.

As the name of the Wind Force 3X cooler suggests, the dual-slot model is equipped with three axial fans, which are not only aided by a multitude of aluminum fins, but also by thick copper heatpipes which rest directly on the GPU. As usual, thes fan stop rotating in idle mode, cooling the 3D accelerator semi-passively. The RGB lighting system is a highlight, again users can set the LEDs to light up in any colour they desire.

Under the hood there is am 8 + 2 phase current and voltage supply. Unfortunately, Gigabyte thought it'd be a wise thing to not mention, price, launch date, or the clock rates in its press release. However, we assume that Gigabyte upped the clock rates and set the GPU to at least 1700 MHz. Thanks to the Xtreme Engine buyers can overclock the card even with a single mouse click, without having to know anything about overclocking themselves.

Once again, the 8 GB GDDR5X video memory are connceted over a 256 bit data bus. Just like all the other GTX 1080 cards the GPU has 2,560 shader units, 160 texture units and 64 raster output stages. All of the tech specs written in the stars will surely appear during our date with Gigabyte in Taiwan's landmark, the Taipei 101.

The Founders Edition of the manufacturer has popped up in our price comparison starting from 789 euro.