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New benchmark scene for Futuremark 3DMark (Update)


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Andreas Schilling

futuremarkCurrently, the Futuremark team is working on a new benchmark for 3DMark. The new benchmark called "Sky Diver" will target the requirements for gaming notebooks and middle-class gaming systems. In the scenario we see a female skydiver flying with a wingsuite along a mountain. According to Futuremark, this benchmark uses technologies such as tessellation, particulate and post-processing effects. This also results in a new classification for the benchmarks:

  • Fire Strike: for high-end gaming PCs (DirectX 11 feature level 11)
  • Sky Diver: for gaming notebooks and middle-class gaming systems (DirectX 11 feature level 11)
  • Cloud Gate: for notebooks and home PCs (DirectX 11 feature level 10)
  • Ice Storm: for tablets and entry-level PCs (DirectX 11 feature level 9)

During Computex taking place from June 3 to 7, Futuremark wants to disclose the exact release date for the new benchmark. It was already presented at the stands of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Galaxy, Inno3D and G-Skill. Since Sky Diver is a part of the 3DMark, it will be free to download for all.

Update 06/11/2014: Starting today, Futuremark offers 3DMark with the new Sky Diver test scenario. The company has once again confirmed that Sky Diver is intended as a full DirectX 11 test for somewhat less powerful systems. Specifically, systems that achieve only single-digit frame rates with the demanding Firestrike test, should better be tested with Sky Diver. Sky Diver test consists of a demo, two graphics tests, a physics test and a combined test. Sky Diver will be part of 3DMark starting from version 1.3.708.