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3DMark with new Fire Strike Ultra preset for 4K benchmarks


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Andreas Schilling

futuremarkFuturemark today released an update for the 3DMark, which introduces a new preset called Fire Strike Ultra in the benchmark suite. In March they had added the preset Skydiver aimed at gaming notebooks and mid-size systems.

Fire Strike Ultra should be the first UltraHD/4K benchmark. It is available in the 3DMark 3DMark Advanced Edition and Professional Edition. To run the benchmark, an UltraHD/4K monitor is not necessary. The only requirement is a graphics card with 3,072 MB of RAM. This is certainly aimed at users of the various available downsampling options, such as Dynamic Super Resolution of NVIDIA. The scene will be rendered in any case, and in a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Whether Futurmark has yet made other changes apart from the resolution is not known.

The update also improves the design of the benchmark selection within the software. While the benchmarks run, Futuremark logs data such as clock speed and other system properties and provides a review at the end of the benchmark. Several bugs in the software have also been fixed.

The version 1.4.775 of Futuremark 3DMark can now be downloaded at Futuremark. Again it should be mentioned that Fire Strike Ultra is only included in the Advanced and Professional Edition, which costs at least 25 euros.