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PayPal cuts ties with two VPN services


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Tomás Freres-Flete

paypal 2014Video on demand service Netflix has had various grievances in the past with VPN services, and has often enough taken some sort of action. Netflix was forced to take action against VPN services due to pressure of rights holders and the movie industry. Payment service company PayPal has now also taken action against two virtual private network providers.

PayPal terminated business with two VPN services offering their users to avoid being geoblocked from certain content available on Netflix. Netflix itself wasn't mentioned. Just exactly which party put pressure on PayPal isn't clear. On one hand, it could have been Netflix itself, which had hitherto only blocked the IPs of VPNs. On the other hand, the studios offering movies and series over Netflix could also have had a say.

Whatever the case, it isn't the first time PayPal has cut ties with businesses for unknown, or seemingly non-rational reasons. A while back, PayPal threw out an online business selling Cuban cigars, because of the embargo the United States has imposed on the island nation of Cuba.

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