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Microsoft axes OneDrive to 5 GB


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Marcel Haber

Microsoft2012Microsoft is currently informing its OneDrive users it will reduce the amount of free memory. As the software giant writes in an email, the maximum amount of free storage will be reduced to 5 GB end of July. Previously, it was possible to obtain a memory bonus of 15 GB thanks to the so-called Camera Roll, but Microsoft also took an axe and ended this option. Lumia users are also going to suffer, as Microsoft also will reduce the 15 GB of free storage to 5 GB.

Microsoft had already said it would sever a couple of gigabytes a couple of months ago, but as users were crying out loud it postponed the move. Now, the company based in woody Redmond has put its plan into action. From 29 July, all users will only have 5 GB of free storage available for OneDrive. Microsoft advises users to be quick and back-up any excess data they have stored in OneDrive. Microsoft will delete the data 12 months later, meaning users who forget to save it somewhere else will wind up looking into the void of data loss. In addition, the OneDrive account may be disabled if user's don't react.

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Microsoft said it was such a tough choice, but it had to make it, and even apologised. Apparently reducing the amount of free storage is necessary to make OneDrive sustainable.