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Microsoft, Facebook prepping submarine cable


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Marcel Haber

Microsoft2012Microsoft and Facebook are absolutely dependent on a stable internet connection for their services. Both companies have now announced their new project named Marea, a new submarine cable to be installed between the United States and Spain. The investment volume is  estimated to be 200 million US dollars.

According to the two companies, the submarine cable will have a capacity of 160 Tbit/s and have a length of 6,600 kilometers. the submarine cable will run from Virginia in the United States to Bilbao in Spain. The cable will not only supply Europe, but also Africa and Asia.

As mentioned above, both companies are rolling out the new cable to provide more bandwidth and stability for the internet, and their services. Bandwidth capacity between the USA and Europe is currently being gobbled up by data intensive services, and the new submarine cable capacity ought to light up the situation significantly.

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The submarine cable will start being laid in August this year, and, according to current plans, Bilbao will be reached in October 2017.