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Facebook forces users towards Messenger


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Marcel Haber

facebook messengerSocial network Facebook has now finally decided to entirely shove its Messenger app down the throats of to its users. Up until now, people who didn't want to use Messenger on their smartphone or tablet could simply write messages using Facebook's mobile website in a browser. Now, Android users trying do so are being directly shoved towards the Play Store, politely being told to download Messenger.

Facebook users can currently double-tap away being forwarded, but this probably won't work all all that long anymore. Instead, one will soon have to swallow the pill and install Messenger, or else live without messenging to and fro on the go. After all, the company is stating messages will soon only be displayed in the Messenger app.

facebook messenger deativation

Back in 2014 Facebook already split-up the regular Facebook app and its messaging function, meaning one had to install Messenger as a second app. Messages can neither be sent, nor read over the official Facebook app, only over Messenger. It appears the social network has deemed it is time for the mobile browser hole to be plugged.

Facebook cites the development of future features as the reason behind the step. New functions will be rolled out, it appears, that can only be implemented through the app.