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Battlefield 1 garners excitement


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Tomás Freres-Flete

EA LogoLast week saw the trailers for top tier titles Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare appear. Traditionally, gamers are divided into to two camps, with one camp enchanted by Battlefield, while the other gang just can't get enough of Call of Duty. The situation, however,  appears to be changing, and the majority of gamers seems to be quite taken in be Battlefield 1 with its WWI setting.

While Battlefield 1 is getting everyone excited, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare appears to be too much of an old thing. Once again, the game plays some time in the future, making it rather similar to other games such as Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare 3. Gamers ware very disappointed with the first trailer, as the ratings of the video show on Youtube. So far, the new Call of Duty trailer has more than 1.4 million down votes, making it one of the most disliked videos ever. Battlefield 1, in contrast, has received over 1,1 million thumbs up.

EA will be lauching Battlefield 1 one year after the not all too successful Battlefield Hardline. It will be eleventh game in the series.

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