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MWC 2016: Cyanogen integrates Microsoft services


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Tomás Freres-Flete

cyanogenAt this year's Mobile World Congress currently underway in Barcelona Cyanogen Inc. also had something new to show. The new MOD API will be integrated into the next version of the operating system, allowing developers low level access to the operating system. Cyanogen's new API is basically the same the company uses for developing the operating system itself.


Microsoft will be one of the first companies to seize the opportunity of deep integration. Among other things, the Android version of Cortana will support the MOD API. Furthermore, VoIP service Skype will be accessible directly from the dialer. This will allow Cyanogen users to decide between making a regular call over the cell network, or over Skype's VoIP service, just as is the case for Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft's OneNote service will also be implemented in the next Cyanogen OS version. With the steps, the software giant based in Redmond is gradually rolling out numerous Windows 10 Mobile features to Android. Now only the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Continuum needs to be added to Cyanogen.

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TrueCaller is another partner, the app also integrates with the dialer and warns or protect against spam calls.

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