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Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update


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Tomás Freres-Flete

Windows 10 LogoAt this year's Build conference, Microsoft announced the annual Anniversary Update for Windows 10. The update will add a slew of new features, such as extensions for Microsoft Edge-browser, the possibility to turn each Xbox One into a dev kit and lots more. The official Anniversary Update of course means the Redstone Update already rolled out over Windows Insider.

In addition, the Edge Browser will offer a function to log-in to websites based using biometric data from an iris or fingerprint scanner. One of the first organisations to adopt this will be the USAA.


Microsoft's Surface Pen will also receive new features. Clicking on the top button will no longer open OneNote, but instead a menu showing which apps  support the pen, and what you can do with it. Microsoft will offer "Windows Ink" as a platform which can be used app developers. The Maps app serves as an example, a user can draw a line between two points on the map and the application automatically shows the distance between thm.

This concept also works with Microsoft Word, striking through paragraphs will make Word delete them. Microsoft is expanding the features of the Surface Pen, directly attacking the Apple's iPad Pro.


Developers will also have a reason for joy with the new Windows Anniversary update - Microsoft has included over 1,000 new APIs. Furthermore, the Redmond-based software giant collaborated with Canonical, well-known for Linux OS Ubuntu. The Linux bash is part of Windows 10, with unrestricted access to the file system. It is based on a Linux subsystem integrated in Windows.


In addition to integrating the Linux bash Microsoft also offers the possibility to get Win32 programms into the Windows Store, thanks to a command line converter. This allows Win32 progams to access features of the WinRT API, such as Live Tiles.


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